spring experts in-store

With the days starting to warm up and the evening light slowly extending just enough to give us an extra hour or so outdoors, it’s definitely feeling a little like Spring, don’t you think?

So what better way to kick off the new season then to start getting your outdoor area into shape now and begin preparing it for all the relaxing times ahead that will be spent with family and friends.

So whether it be choosing the ‘right plants’ to go in that garden bed, making the decision to tear down that paling fence and ‘start afresh’ or give in to the never ending request from the kids to ‘put in that pool’, we just made things a whole lot easier for you…

As during the first Saturdays in Sept, Oct and Nov we are hosting some Spring Experts In-store who will be offering up free advice on things exactly of this nature and providing some support for your outdoor plans.

So make sure when your jotting down’ things to do’ for the weekend,  a visit into our Waterloo, Brookvale or Richmond showroom is on your list.

AND… just to make it a little more enjoyable for the smaller ones tagging along, we also have a potting activity involving some spades, soil and seedlings, so whilst you’re getting all inspired and learning a thing or two so are they!

With our first session beginning this Saturday the 3rd of September we are featuring experts such as, Matt Cantwell from ‘Secret Gardens of Sydney‘, Matt Leacy from ‘Land Art Landscapes‘ and Sharon Harris from ‘Harris Parnell Garden Design’.

So please bring along any compelling questions you may have and all the magazine pullouts you’ve been collecting for our 10am kickoff!

We look forward to seeing you there!

To check out more about the times and dates of sessions to follow, please click here

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