this houseplant now comes to you






I’m loving this little greensup service I came across this morning. It’s called The Sill and runs out of Manhattan. It’s basically  a home delivery and set up service for your own little bit of green goodness.

The people over at The Sill hunt down houseplants suitable for city dwellings – long life, easy care, adaptable – and hand pot them in an eclectic mix of containers. Most of these are artist made, in order to strike the perfect balance of function and form – what the plant needs, but all its own a work of art.

Houseplants can purify your air, add style, boost your creativity, and even keep you calm when times are tough. Sounds a bit like a dog doesn’t it? [apart from the purify bit]. If you’re a little tempted, check it out here The Sill

What a great little #greenidea.


tree house? yes please.

Images from Arch Daily

There seems to be an architectural design aesthetic in Japan that really draws me in. The Japanese residential homes I’ve looked at are often small with split levels, nooks and mezzanines and this clever use of space particularly appeals to me. I also really enjoy the pared back colour palette used in so many homes; light natural timbers and crisp white walls. And then today on ArchDaily I came across this gem. I’m not sure I can express quite how much I enjoy this home, but have a look for yourself. Trees were craned into the build to create this amazing natural installation. A contemporary way to live among the tree tops? Beautiful.

Architect: Hironaka Ogawa & Associates

how to change the world

I found a gorgeous little book today that I’m going to try and get into our stores. It’s by a man named John-Paul Flintoff and it’s titled “How to change the world”. I haven’t read it yet but all the reviews are fantastic and I did find a little video to watch if you’re interested, I’ve posted it here.

In the video John-Paul talks about how meaningful and satisfying it is to have a life task, something that you really care passionately about and are engaged in. He speaks of his own passion about getting people to grow their own food [spurred on by his fear of the world’s declining food production etc] and one quote which really resonated with me was.

“The key is not to make despair convincing, it’s to make hope possible”. I’m going to try and get them into stores, I’ll let you know when we get hold of a few copies.

Mokurokku wooden lego

We’re totally coveting these awesome wooden lego bricks crafted by Japanese firm mokurokku. They’re made of timber and each piece is beautifully carved so they dit together like normal lego pieces. the mokurukku set has a disclaimer that the pieces can warp or fit together imprecisely due to the nature of the material in different temperatures and scale of humidity…

Each box of mokulock bricks is priced at ¥2,835/USD31 and includes 50 pieces.

Sustainable and stylish. We like.

pophyry filetti projects on the go…

Late last year we started to introduce a brand new product into our range – an Italian porphyry ‘Filetti’ which is a raw linear tile perfect for driveways and other steep or high traffic areas. We’re in the process of putting it on the website as we speak but I just thought I’d share a couple of shots with you from Michael Cooke garden design as he’s  been right into it already and it’s looking fantastic.

The first job is at Central Coast Grammar School where the Cornerstone crew have been hard at it to finish this courtyard garden before before school resumes. Here Michael  has used  the Italian `Filletti’ porphyry and a sensational tiled wall that doubles as seating. The foliage colours are perfect for this area and it will look fantastic once we see some growth.

Eco Outdoor porphyry filetti used here by Michael Cooke at Central Coast Grammar

The second job is another Michael Cooke Design up at Copacabana on the central coast. Here Adam Eurell and the Nature’s Vision boys have been using porphyry filetti for a large driveway area leading up to the house. Notice the lay pattern which has some perpendicular sections to break up the linear format and add some interest over a large area.

Eco Outdoor porphyry filetti natural stone for driveway area

Eco Outdoor porphyry filetti natural stone for driveway area

Eco Outdoor porphyry filetti natural stone for driveway area

flinders open garden

This Australia Day will see two inspiring and contrasting contemporary gardens open for a special twilight event, as part of Open Gardens Australia.

Musk Cottage
Owner and landscape designer Rick Eckersley has created a quintessentially Australian contemporary garden full of character and style. The natural flowing landscape incorporates wetlands and woodlands using native and exotic grasses, strappy-leafed plants and shrubs selected for position, site conditions and aesthetic appeal.

In an elegant garden designed by Paul Bangay, Mediterranean-style plantings complement the French-influenced house. Wide grassed steps lead to an impressive terrace overlooking the countryside and Westernport Bay. The garden also features box hedges, which retain roses, salvias, irises and nepeta, while olives and rosemary blend with mature eucalypts.

Rick Eckersley's Open Garden

Opening Information
Saturday 26 January 2013. The gardens will be open from 4pm-8pm.
A joint ticket giving entry both gardens is $25.00, no charge for children under 18.
Bookings not required.
Musk Cottage: 371 Musk Creek Rd, Flinders. Enter from Mitford Rd.
Bangols: 525 Tucks Rd, Shoreham (near Flinders).

Interest in Pinterest?

Okay so I’m a little late to the party in most cases but for those of you who haven’t already become completely addicted to Pinterest, be warned. Social media is one of  those things I’m never quite sure if I’m into or not. You know its important to stay abreast, you’re just not sure exactly where to draw the line between tire kicking and market leading. More often than not I suspect one could lose a large amount of life while engaging in these fancy apps and social sites but I have been meaning to get into Pinterest, Instagram and all that palava and have a good sniff around for some time but it wasn’t until the christmas hols that I finally got the chance. And so it is that I found myself sitting down every morning over a hot cup of tea and grazing the stage with sexy pics of home interiors, cool outdoor spaces and the new love of my life . .  tiles. What started off in 2012 as a vague attraction to the moroccan inspired tile arrangement has thanks to Pinterest, become an absolute obsession. Thank god we don’t have a house to renovate because I’d be in serious danger of tiling the bathroom, the loungeroom, the kitchen and every hallway. You name it, I’d tile it. And then comes Pinterest . .  and the obsession continues.

Anyhoo, happy new year everyone, we’re all back on board and for those of you looking for a little inspiration, check out our pinterest boards here. Delightful.