this houseplant now comes to you






I’m loving this little greensup service I came across this morning. It’s called The Sill and runs out of Manhattan. It’s basically  a home delivery and set up service for your own little bit of green goodness.

The people over at The Sill hunt down houseplants suitable for city dwellings – long life, easy care, adaptable – and hand pot them in an eclectic mix of containers. Most of these are artist made, in order to strike the perfect balance of function and form – what the plant needs, but all its own a work of art.

Houseplants can purify your air, add style, boost your creativity, and even keep you calm when times are tough. Sounds a bit like a dog doesn’t it? [apart from the purify bit]. If you’re a little tempted, check it out here The Sill

What a great little #greenidea.


Mokurokku wooden lego

We’re totally coveting these awesome wooden lego bricks crafted by Japanese firm mokurokku. They’re made of timber and each piece is beautifully carved so they dit together like normal lego pieces. the mokurukku set has a disclaimer that the pieces can warp or fit together imprecisely due to the nature of the material in different temperatures and scale of humidity…

Each box of mokulock bricks is priced at ¥2,835/USD31 and includes 50 pieces.

Sustainable and stylish. We like.

Hanging Plant Play

I know hanging pot plants are back in vogue, but I never knew a potless hanging plant was possible!  The amazing skill of Japanese String Gardening is a stunning and unique way to feature plants indoors and out.  It appears to be more suited to certain types of plants, such as orchids and succulents.  However the author of the attached blog is recommending keen gardeners should try out more unpredictable plants such as strawberries and fig trees.  I think I might have a go at a Gardenia String Garden hanging on my back deck so the fragrance can drift into my home.  Shall keep you posted…