how to change the world

I found a gorgeous little book today that I’m going to try and get into our stores. It’s by a man named John-Paul Flintoff and it’s titled “How to change the world”. I haven’t read it yet but all the reviews are fantastic and I did find a little video to watch if you’re interested, I’ve posted it here.

In the video John-Paul talks about how meaningful and satisfying it is to have a life task, something that you really care passionately about and are engaged in. He speaks of his own passion about getting people to grow their own food [spurred on by his fear of the world’s declining food production etc] and one quote which really resonated with me was.

“The key is not to make despair convincing, it’s to make hope possible”. I’m going to try and get them into stores, I’ll let you know when we get hold of a few copies.