interview with luke baldwin of site landscapes

In only 9 days our Waterloo showroom will be hosting another Spring Expert in-store. Between 10 -12 on November 5 Luke Baldwin of Site Landscapes will be in the showroom to talk with you about your garden design. If there are any ideas you may have in the back of your mind, or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration come in and have a chat. Luke is the mastermind behind Site Landscapes’ beautiful work, so check out his interview below, click through to his website and come in and see him next Saturday, November 5!

Describe your style.

My style differs from garden to garden. The inspirational starting point for me is always different; we’re working with a different house, a different outdoor space, not to mention a different client. I try to understand what inspires my client and create a design that reflects that, and resonates with their home and any existing features outside.

What inspires you?

Change. I like the idea of changing a space to create purpose, style and function. For me, a lot of the devil is in the detail. I’m always looking for new design ideas and different techniques and methods. It’s the little things that bring a garden to life and create a space that people want to be in.

Your favourite outdoor space?

Commonwealth Park in Canberra on a sunny Autumn day and Ballast Park in Sydney – I love the form and scale of the place.

One tip for people as they head into Spring?

Spring is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer! If you’re planning on getting some professional work done, now is the time to get some advice so you can get moving. Do the work now (or better still get someone else to do it!) and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoor living space you’ve created as the weather warms up.

Luke Baldwin

Site LandscapesSite Landscapes


michael cooke’s open garden

It’s that time of year again when Michael Cooke, of Michael Cooke Garden Design, opens up the the gates to his central coast property Hawthorne Stud for the public to visit. Full of hidden areas, the garden twists and turns and takes you each time to a place more beautiful than the next. With a natural pond, jetty, stables, outdoor rooms, a swimming pool and the most stunning planting this open weekend is not to be missed! Swing by: 77 George Downes Drive, Central Mangrove 12th & 13th November from 10am.

Hawthorne Stud Hawthorne StudHawthorne Stud Invitation

spring expert instore – peter fudge

This Saturday just gone was the second of three Spring Expert weekends we are hosting in our Sydney, Melbourne and Perth showrooms and what a success! Our Waterloo showroom had Peter Fudge come by, who received a huge turn out and stayed well over the planned two hours. However, if you did miss him you can always pop over to his website for some inspiration or shoot him through an email. Or, add in your diary the date for our next landscape design experts, Saturday 5th November at either Sydney showroom, Richmond in Melbourne or our brand new showroom in Perth. Hope to see you soon!

interview with ken pattinson

Saturday the 1st of October, you can expect to see landscaping expert ‘Ken Pattinson’ from ‘Art in Green’ in our Brookvale showroom.

Ken will be ready to answer any of your questions and take at look at images, magazine cutouts, materials and just about anything that will help describe your space and what you would like to do with it a little easier. So start compiling it all now for the 10am kick off!

In the meantime, enjoy reading reading through our interview below with Ken and if you are interested in checking out more on ‘Art In green’ click here.

Describe your style Art in Green’s style has continued to be guided by the same objective for over 18 years… to create ‘gardens for life’. Our team works closely with our clients to assess their lifestyle, house style, site conditions and budget, and then work collaboratively, using our skills and experience to guide the process, to create the best garden for the client’s lifestyle.

What inspires you ? After putting in the hard work of seeing a project develop from an initial concept to a well built garden, there’s nothing like a clients joy to keep you inspired.  It’s also very inspiring to return to a garden that was completed several years ago and seeing the owners still enjoying the garden and keeping it looking great and developing to its full potential.

Your favourite outdoor space to visit ? My favourite space to visit is actually my organic veggie garden. I love getting out there and spending time turning the soil to cultivate plants that give such a great reward for your efforts. It’s also a great place to experiment with new methods of organic pest control and plant nutrition and develop knowledge to pass on to our clients.

One tip for people as they head into Spring Don’t leave it too late. Start preparing your garden now so that it’s ready to thrive as soon as spring arrives. If you’re thinking of putting in a new garden or renovating part of the garden start the design process as soon as possible so that it can be looking great for summer!

interview with georgia harper

Our Spring Expert In-Store session number two is almost here and appearing at 10am on the 1st of October in our Richmond showroom, is well known Landscape Designer ‘Georgia Harper’.

Georgia from ‘Georgia Harper Landscape Design’ completes a vast range of projects starting from small residential courtyards up to large commercial developments, so she will have plenty of sound advice to provide you with Saturday morning no doubt.

Below you can enjoy a short interview we recently completed with Georgia and if you would like to view some more of her landscape designs and check out some of the services ghld can provide you with, click here.

Describe your style I guess my style is best described as eclectic – when I can, I like to work with the client to create something personal and special and exclusive to them, so each design is as individual as the client.

If I had to isolate my ‘signature’ though, I guess each design has a very clear main structure and has a strong visual personality – it’s almost a record of the dialogue between us.

What inspires you ? I am most often inspired by good materials used in interesting ways – I always have my eye out for something that will trigger a creative process for me. The minute bits of colour variation in stone, the texture of bark, the way that sun hits a building – it’s all inspirational to me.

Travelling is also a fantastic way to get inspired, getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things and ways to live – it’s always great to recharge and come back bursting with ideas. The hardest part is to be patient and wait until one of them is relevant to a project!!

Your favourite outdoor space to visit ? Would have to be the Australian Garden at Cranbourne. It’s still evolving, but so far it’s mind-blowingly good, so unique, and they have really thought about new ways to present our indigenous plantscape.

One tip for people as they head into Spring Fertilise and mulch! For those with a new garden – now is the time to do those little maintenance checks so that you can spend the summer enjoying the space; for those who haven’t yet transformed their space – be patient, don’t rush it, and make sure you’ve got a clear plan before you rush into anything!

whats your plan for october 1st ?

For some lucky states October 1st is a long weekend, so already plans are in full swing to load up the car and escape for a change of scenery. Although there is of course those of us who will choose to stay put in our local area and soak up the action and good times around us.

Either way with a strong scent of jasmine, bbq’s and freshly mowed lawns in the air there’s going to be lots to do starting with our very own Spring Experts in-store beginning at 10am.

With a line up of some amazingly talented professionals such as Peter Fudge, Ken Pattinson and Georgia Harper you really must put aside just 15 min on Saturday to make a visit into one of showrooms (listed below) and make the most of this opportunity to meet these experts and bounce around some ideas for your very own outdoor space.

Their advice is free and it’s all very informal and relaxed, so just grab a coffee and pull up a seat and throw some questions out there.

Experts can be found at the showrooms below.

Georgia Harper > Richmond

Ken Pattinson > Brookvale

Peter Fudge > Waterloo

Keep watch of this space, as interviews with the experts themselves is to follow …

interview with matt leacy

Matt Leacy from ‘Land Art Landscapes‘ will be our first Spring expert appearing in the Brookvale showroom this Saturday, so make sure you’ve put aside some time to come in and say hi!

Here’s a little bit from the man himself…

Describe your style. My style is quite eclectic and varies depending on both the client and the site. Each site is always different and poses different challenges and opportunities; likewise, each client has a different style sensibility so my approach for each garden is pretty unique. I like to understand what inspires my clients and then start with a fresh blank page and create something just for them.

What inspires you? Landscapes that are designed with longevity in mind; gardens should get better with age. Perfect form and structure complemented by the art of soft plantings. For me, the building and landscape should sit comfortably in unison, one should not compete with the other.

Your favourite outdoor space? My mother in lawʼs mountain garden and any national park with a beach.

One tip for people as they head into Spring Now is the time to get started on your outdoor space! If you start developing your garden or renovating your outdoor space now, youʼll be ready in time to enjoy it during the warmer months when youʼll use it most. Now is also the time to mulch your garden and prepare it for the drier months. The mulch will help to retain moisture and keep the soil cool. It will also assist in combating the weeds or at the very least, make them easier to remove. Spring is also the time to fertilise most plants in your garden, so feed them up as the growing season kicks in and youʼll get you maximum growth during springtime.